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Name:Susan Mell
Company:The Entrepreneur's Source
Address:Tampa, FL
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8138620218
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Susan Mell
Business Coach and Franchise Consultant

With such a universal interest in owning and operating a business, many people are turning to established businesses such as Franchises for guidance and support.  Do you know if you should start and independent business or a franchise?


One of the leading franchise organizations assisting people in their exploration is The Entrepreneur's Source. They provide local consultative support and comprehensive, objective, unbiased and meaningful advice and are considered by many in the trade to be North America’s leading business and franchising coaching organization. Susan Mell operates The Entrepreneurs Source in Tampa Bay, Florida.


There is no cost or obligation for our services. We are paid by the Franchise community. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her clients is apparent as Ms. Mell explains why she loves her profession, “I help people discover their possibilities, be their guide and assist them with staying focused”, says Ms. Mell, who holds a Masters Degree in Social Work Administration.


As an entrepreneur coach, she works with a wide variety of clients by providing information regarding franchise opportunities. Among her varied services she may help her clients determine what might be a good business match. She coaches her clients in business ownership opportunities, coaching them through the evolution of the goals and the attainment of their dreams.


Susan Mell knows business. She built a wireless company from ground zero to over three million in sales with 4 stores and 42 employees. Not only does she talk the talk she can walk the walk. She is quick to give credit to others who have provided consultative and mentor assistance adding to her own professional success. “I learned how to network, thanks to Chris Sullivan of Outback Steakhouse, who I met through a Tampa Chamber of Commerce mentoring program”, says Ms.Mell adding,” he taught me how to look at different parts of my business and I learned about advertising and marketing in ways that I had not yet considered”. She originally sold communication systems to hospitals focusing on paging and intercom systems. After selling her successful business a friend of hers urged her to look into the opportunities with The Entrepreneur's Source. She has chosen to follow her mentor’s lead, by assisting others in achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams of financial security.  She helps people build remarkable careers, take charge of their lives, and create financial freedom.


At first she was skeptical about Franchising. “ I thought that it was all food and retail and I didn’t want to deal with that every day”,says Mell  There are so many misconceptions about Franchising, I know now that I was naïve in the beginning, however I believe that Franchising offers some wonderful opportunities  when matched up with compatible personalities”, she is quick to add.  “I am a business coach. A coach asks the tough questions. I help people get out of their own way. I help people discover their own options, to be their guide”, she exclaims.
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